Alabama’s children deserve a bright future.

If we want good jobs, strong communities, and thriving families, we need first-class schools and quality, affordable healthcare.

It’s simple. Smart, healthy communities attract professionals, employment opportunities, and young families looking for a place to raise their children. When communities are strong and educated, our children have a bright future – without leaving home.

We see it right in our own district, home to a prominent research university – one of our state’s crown jewels. Health and education bring prosperity.

But we can’t be content with prosperity in only one part of our district or for only a subset of residents. We all need to move forward – our children deserve no less.

My name is Nancy. I’m a wife and a businesswoman, a Tallapoosa County native and a Lee County local. Most importantly, I’m a mother, and I’m running for Alabama’s State Senate in District 27 because Alabama’s children deserve a bright future.

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