Healthcare Affordability

The cost of healthcare in Alabama is skyrocketing, forcing many Alabamians to opt out of vital healthcare coverage due to expense. At the same time, uncompensated costs are harming our hospitals and clinics. 

Let’s work together to bring healthcare costs in line.

By expanding Medicaid, Alabama can receive the billions of dollars in federal healthcare funding it has been missing. Medicaid expansion not only supports families, children, veterans, disabled persons, and others who cannot afford healthcare – it also provides much needed funding to Alabama's healthcare facilities, keeping rural hospitals and clinics open while improving healthcare quality for all Alabamians.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment

Alabama voters consistently rank mental health and substance abuse treatment among the top priorities they want state government to address. It’s time you had someone in Montgomery listening to your priorities and concerns.

When healthcare systems suffer financially, mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation facilities are the first to go. Mental health services in Alabama have been consistently cut for 15 years. But mental health is as important as physical health, which is why we need to protect mental health care and expand counseling services in our public schools.

Many Alabamians currently suffering from substance dependence cannot access or afford necessary treatment. This cannot continue. If we want to overcome the substance abuse crisis in our state, we must support the treatment of those who are already addicted while addressing the mental health needs of Alabama's children and adults to prevent the spread of addiction.  

Hospitals & Healthcare Services

Rural hospitals are closing all over Alabama.

Only two of Alabama's 54 rural counties are not classified as having a primary care shortage, and only 16 of Alabama's 54 rural counties have a hospital with basic obstetrical services. Right here in District 27, hospitals are cutting services, employees, and salaries.

We must put a stop to this trend. All of Alabama's residents need access to healthcare, and no one should need to travel an hour or more for care – especially emergency care – when the lives of a mother and her child may be on the line. 

This is another reason why we need to expand Medicaid in Alabama. Medicaid expansion does not just help those directly enrolled in the program, as politicians in Montgomery would lead you to believe. It would allow for billions of dollars to enter and support Alabama's healthcare system to stem hospital closures and medical service cuts in our state.