Workforce Training

All Alabamians deserve the opportunity to earn a good life for their families. But our residents need to have the skills and abilities to attract the employers of the future. Workforce training will provide the foundation for job growth in Alabama by empowering our neighbors and encouraging employers to locate here with a capable and well-trained workforce. 

To move forward, we need to expand high school career academies, post-high school training and retraining programs, and continued investment in higher education institutions.  It’s time to ensure that hard-working Alabamians have the resources they need to have successful careers, that businesses have access to the workforce they need to fill jobs openings, and that Alabama has a well-trained workforce that incentivizes businesses to locate to our district and state.

Infrastructure, Schools, & Services

Alabama's infrastructure deficiencies discourage employers from locating here.  From crumbling roads and bridges to a lack of broadband access, business and employees do not have the basic infrastructure they need to be successful in many areas of our district.  We must invest in infrastructure, including rural broadband access, to support community needs and job growth.

Employers consider the quality of public schools, healthcare, and other public services when choosing a location to open or expand their business.  Education and healthcare improvements aren’t just good ideas on their own – they are powerful jobs programs for our district.

Encouraging & SUpporting Small BusinesS growth

Small businesses are extremely important to a local economy. In many of Alabama's communities, job growth is most likely to occur thanks to small business growth, not large employers. I have experienced the benefits and challenges of being a small business owner in District 27, which is why I will fight for our local businesses and oppose legislation that hurts small businesses and that puts big business interests above local concerns.  

We need to make it easier for small businesses to open and thrive in Alabama. Locally owned businesses bring money to our state and keep it here. They deserve a champion in Montgomery.