smart growth for a smart county

With prosperity come growth and change. Often, that’s great news for a community. But change can be difficult.  Longtime residents have deep connections to the place they grew up knowing, while expanding businesses and neighborhoods are busy charting a new course for the area’s future. The old and new seem incompatible, but they don’t have to be.

We can plan for abundant and clean water just as we can design widened roads, and we can adopt strategies for land preservation while spurring new economic growth. It just takes honesty and cooperation.

By making our processes for development both democratic and transparent, we can ensure that all voices are heard and that the plans for the future are fair and environmentally sound.

Keeping opportunities and our children in state

Young people come from far and wide to Lee County for higher education, but we lag behind other areas in providing opportunities for young professionals to pursue after graduation. We can do better by our students – and indeed, we have to.

Economic Development

It’s time to create new opportunities for our young people after they graduate by fostering new businesses, growing existing companies, and leveraging the natural strengths of our dynamic communities.

By cooperating with local leaders, engaging the research and academic community, and adopting safe growth strategies, we can create opportunities for local residents of all ages, while respecting the unique character of the area.