My name is Nancy. Maybe you know me from our time together at Benjamin Russell High School or Auburn University. Maybe you know me as a mom or church member. Or maybe you know me because I helped your family to purchase your home. If we haven’t met yet, I’m glad to meet you now.

Like you, my family and I have deep roots in our district. I was born and raised in Tallapoosa County, where my parents still live to this day. My husband, Douglas and I are raising our daughter in Lee County. I’m a mom, an active community member, a small business owner, a real estate agent, a volunteer, and a neighbor.

Our family isn’t much different from yours. My husband enjoys spending time with family and singing in the church choir. Our daughter, Dalton Ruth, enjoys playing soccer and piano, acting, and singing in the Auburn Area Community Theater. It’s true, our family has been blessed.

But I won’t be satisfied until all families in Lee, Russell, and Tallapoosa Counties have a fair opportunity to earn all that life in our state and country have to offer.  

This district has always been my home, from the beautiful landscapes of Tallapoosa County to the rapidly expanding communities of Auburn and Opelika. I see that while needs vary greatly across this district, we all want the same things: to live in a safe and healthy community, to provide our children with a quality education, and to have stable, well-paying jobs.


It’s time that families in our corner of Alabama had the same healthcare, educational, and employment opportunities as anywhere else. To ensure all of our families receive these blessings, we need a fighter, a thinker, and a listener in Montgomery.

I will fight for you. I will work for you. I will listen to you. Your family values are my family values.

I invite you to learn more about our movement for healthcare, education, and jobs for District 27, and I ask you to join our movement. Because in these times, one thing is for sure:

Alabama’s children deserve a bright future.