a russell county education

Russell County schools need help. Students in Russell County deserve to attend well-funded, high quality schools, just like in any other county. Meanwhile, teacher pay is so low, we’re not giving experienced, talented teachers incentive to stay local and help improve the quality of a Russell County education.

We need to confront this challenge head-on in Montgomery. Public education is the most sacred bond our state has with our young children, but as long as our politicians undervalue our teachers, schools simply won’t improve. Let’s show the dedicated professionals who care for and teach our children that they are valued in Russell County and in Alabama. When we invest in our teachers and schools, we will see inspiring returns in educated children and a revitalized county.

workforce training

In the 21st Century, a solid education is necessary to enter the middle class. That simple rule is true whether a you’re aiming for the office or the shop floor. Gone are the days when a few years of high school could equip a young person for a lifetime of comfort and stability – but that doesn’t mean that the middle class needs to be out of reach for those people who choose not to go to college.

We can expand high school career academies, develop programs that allow young people to develop career skills after high school, and stop telling students that college is the only path to success. Career academies don’t just give young adults something to do – they can transform young people into self-sufficient adults and build a labor force capable of attracting employers into the county. With independent young adults, an educated labor force, and employers willing to join the community, we can grow the local economy as well as a brighter future for the next generation.

medicaid expansion

It’s time to expand Medicaid so that everyone in Russell County is covered. Leaving people to depend on the ER for primary care is not a solution. In fact, cutting off Medicaid and having our neighbors remain uninsured only raises costs to taxpayers and increases risks to precious human life.

Expanding Medicaid can bring down healthcare costs by taking the unnecessary emergency room visits of uninsured individuals off the backs of taxpayers. What’s more, Medicaid expansion can bring more people into the workforce – and the tax base – by keeping low-income citizens healthy and ready to work. Most urgently, Medicaid expansion can put a stop to rural hospital closures.