Your Hometown Voice in Montgomery

I was born and raised in Alexander City – and my parents still live there to this day.  I’m proud of my Tallapoosa County roots, and that’s why I want to be your voice in Montgomery.

Tallapoosa County has unique strengths, friendly neighbors, and beautiful country. But it also has its challenges. With a leader in Montgomery who knows, loves, and understands Tallapoosa County, you can be confident you'll have a Senator who will listen to you and who will work tirelessly to raise the quality of life of all county residents.

Keeping Jobs Local

Tallapoosa County can once again be a hub of employment in our district – but we need imagination and cooperation. In an age of amazing connectivity and technology, we can attract new investment in our cherished home.

Courting new employers and investors is important - but it's not enough. We need to also work with local leaders and talented young people from our corner of the state to foster new businesses and create jobs for the people of Tallapoosa County.

strong schools for a strong county

Everyone knows we need jobs to return to Tallapoosa County. But there’s no way we can attract large companies, encourage the expansions of local businesses, or provide an environment for new startups if we don’t have strong schools.

Tallapoosa County is ready for a brighter tomorrow – and that begins with education. When we increase state funding for our schools and invest in our children, we create an attractive location for employers today and a place for our children to work and raise their families tomorrow. 

Quality healthcare for a strong local economy

The people of Tallapoosa County can’t afford any more cuts to healthcare – and let’s face it: this is a healthcare election. Costs are through the roof, and too many people are either uninsured or underinsured. Meanwhile, Washington wants to play games with people’s coverage, and some are even threatening healthcare altogether.

It’s now more important than ever that we had people in office fighting for you. When we put people in Montgomery who are willing to work together to find common ground and commonsense solutions, there’s no reason we can’t improve the quality of care and make sure we all get the coverage we need.

Ending hospital closures

Hospital closures don’t just mean a loss of convenience – they mean real risk for people in crisis, not to mention serious danger for women and small children. There’s no reason that we should be worried about infant mortality. Not in 2018. Not in America.

Hospitals provide a lifeline to rural communities, not to mention good jobs that can’t ever be outsourced. We can rethink hospitals as not just expenses, but as centers of public health and employment in some of our most vulnerable communities. By investing the in the health and wellbeing of Tallapoosa County, we can improve the lives of individuals and grow the economy of the entire county.